Ouistart Tenant of the week – SEELK DESIGN

Silicone Edge Graphic by Seelk Design

Company Name: SEELK DESIGN
Activity: Visual graphic company specialized in retail store layouts and trade show booths design.
Tenant since May 2018
Space rented: one private office, one dedicated desk in our bright open space.

Seelk Design Seelk Design

Seelk Design is a privately owned US visual graphic company. Created in September 2017, its corporate headquarters are located in Lyon, France.

Seelk Design is a visual graphic company committed to enhance brand awareness, specialized in retail store layouts and trade show booths design. We offer Silicone Edge Graphic solutions enabling unique modular and custom solutions for retail and trade show environments.

Silicone Edge Graphic Frame is a unique and innovative solution offering a vast area of benefits.

Attract visitors in store and lead them to buy
SEG is a unique way to highlight your brand.
Have the visitors live a unique experience and immerse them into a world of emotion and feelings conducive to the act of shopping.

A wise investment making your life easier
SEG is easy to install, saving you the cost of an installer.
SEG is also easy to ship and store: the graphics can be folded and the frames can be dismantled.
Packaging adapted to lower the shipping costs and eliminate products damages: light weight (aluminium frames), bar spliced to reduce the size of the packages.

Modularity – Reusable / In line with your brand’s life cycle
SEG is easy to remove and to put back. Each time you launch a new product or a new collection, you just have to order the reprint and reuse the frames.
Booths designed with SEG frames can be reused and adapted to different spaces with no additional cost.

High premium quality product
Exceptional quality of the printing with endless benefits: vibrant colors, no damages while overstretched, durability, no glare…

Seelk DesignSeelk Design



Seelk Design


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