7 Things About Shared Workspace at Ouistart Your Boss Wants To Know

At Ouistart San Diego, our shared workspace allows autonomous professionals to work on their own schedule while giving bosses the accountability they need from their employees. Here are 7 things about shared workspace at Ouistart your boss wants to know.

1. Shared Workspaces are better than working from home
Sometimes, working from home does not provide the professional accountability you need from a working enviroment. Although many organizations allow employees to work remotely, supervisors still want to make sure employees are using their time appropriately. Shared workspaces are offices that can be rented out by varying lease durations. For people who are more productive in a professional setting than at home, the shared workspace is the cost-efficient solution.

2. The Shared Workspaces at Ouistart give you access to potential clients
At Ouistart, we start projects. Our tenants work for companies in diverse fields from biotech to consumer electronics. The shared workspace allows you to work side-by-side with other individuals who might need your services. In addition to being a source of potential business, people at Ouistart enjoy the conviviality of the shared workspace at the French American Business Center.

Group Work at Ouistart

3. Shared Workspaces at Ouistart are spacious
Whether you prefer a dedicated desk or a private room, space is always useful when you need to organize your work. In a cramped office, you may be limiting yourself, and the quality of your work. The ample workspace at Ouistart allows you to think clearly about your tasks, and compartmentalize each activity accordingly.

4. Shared Workspaces are the new trend among young professionals
In Europe, the shared workspace is already a successful trend, but the US is catching on. Although many people still enjoy working from coffeshops, people who want to take their business to the next level should invest on professional workspaces. Whether you have a startup, or a well-established organization, the shared workspace gives you flexibility and structure to operate your business.

5. Shared Workspace at Ouistart is perfect for large companies
If you think large companies don’t need shared workspaces, think again. Corporate companies that need to have a physical presence in many cities, may consider shared workspace as a cost-efficient solution. If your organization does not need an entire office, but needs to have a dedicated location for employees to work from, Ouistart may be perfect for your company’s needs.

Shared Workspace at Ouistart French American Business Center

6. Shared Workspaces are flexible
At Ouistart, you have access to a file cabinet, kitchen area, dining area, and a conference room. Located 15 minutes away from Downtown San Diego, Ouistart is a perfect place to meet with clients, hold workshops, and have conference calls.

7. The work environment at Ouistart is highly stimulating for work
Despite its “hip” ambiance, Ouistart provides a highly motivating environment for work. At Ouistart, we are looking for a specific kind of tenant who fits within the roster of our current companies. Once you schedule a visit, and meet with us, you will know whether Ouistart is the right place for you.

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